BOND… James BOND …

BOND… James BOND …

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Pasaron muchos actores que hicieron de BOND…James BOND ese famoso personaje IAN FLEMING…por el que pasaron muchas MUJERES…ARCHIENEMIGOS…MARTINIS …muchos MARTINIS…pero HOY nuestros amigos de SOTHEBY´S nos envían esta carta….

Friendships can be made or broken debating who was the best James Bond. Perhaps you are an old-school Roger Moore fan. Or you prefer a smoother, classier Sean Connery. Maybe it is all about appearances, and Pierce Brosnan is your man. And don’t even start on Daniel Craig.

There is definitely something they all have in common though – good taste in Champagne.

To coincide with the soon-to-be-released movie Spectre, Champagne Bollinger is celebrating their long history with Mr. Bond with a Limited Edition bottle of their 2009 vintage. The bottle features a special 007 label and comes in a box, designed by Carré Basset, which keeps the bottle chilled for 2 hours after refrigeration.

Order now, as it is a limited edition and they are sure to go fast. And as a warning, when drinking it with friends, you’d be wise not to start the conversation with «Well, I preferred Barry Nelson…»

Bollinger Size Price
James Bond Spectre Limited Edition Cuvée 2009 750ml $199.00A9RD072


Best Wishes,
Michelle Parenti
Vice President | Retail Director
PS – I’ll go with Sean Connery any day.



Quien puede resistirse a esta OFERTA  o no..?

Mientras esperamos que esta MARAVILLA llegue a nuestros paladares les dejo algunas JOYITAS de BOND …JAMES BOND…

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